How to Enjoy Snorkeling,Snorkeling Original SnorkelPlus Scuba Diving.

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1) Snorkeling, with mask, fins and snorkel (dry snorkel,the water proof one, now available),swimming above sea level,viewing the sea creatures, with rash guard, the model at the left side wearing, to keep you warmth and protect from coral injuries, jelly fish, etc. For ones not good in swimming, life vest is recommended to wear.
snorkeling equipment snorkeling snorkeling snorkeling
2) Snorkeling dive, the individual dive of our Snorkel Plus, (SP 1x1), with more fun and easy snorkeling, underwater for 30 minutes, up to 2 meters depth, without the burden of the tank, which is carried only by the dive guide, with a supply of 1.6meter hose, with weights worn in your waist, with the wet suit. Every one can enjoy it immediately, without any training, with more fun of bread feeding of the tropical fish around, provided that you know how to swim. Recommended in Nalusuan marine sanctuary, as an optional adventure @ P900.00 per person.
SP1x1 SP1x1 SP1x1 SP1x1
3) Our original Snorkel Plus, makes it possible to do the same thing, you would be able to do with scuba diving, without even taking all those long lessons and carry a heavy tank on your back and no need the BC ( buoyancy control ).You can enjoy snorkeling deep down, for 30 minutes, up to 7 meters depth, with a 1.6 meter hose providing you with air, with a regulator connected to the tank, which is easy for you to move around, for up to a grou of four (4) persons from one ring, which is controlled only by the dive master. You've got the chance in your life to see the beautiful ocean creatures and different marine life, with the opportunity to take pictures.Optional activity @ P1,650.00 per person.
snorekelplus スノーケルプラス スノーケルプラス スノーケルプラス
4) Discovery diving, is for first or second time dive or even for refresher diver, which is for a span of time, not take diving, with lessons given and simple training in shallow depth and gradually going deeper up to 5 meters, until you are free to move around underwater, which you can enjoy taking pictures. After this experience, you want to explore more deep of the ocean and wanted to be a diver. The picture at the left side is the full diving equipment, which is the same as the license diver using.
Optional activity @ P1,750.00 per person.
snorkelplus discovery dive 体験ダイビング 体験
Cebu, Which way is Best? Snorkeling, Snorkeling with Air suply, Original SnorkelPlus or Scuba Diving.
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